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Bill Cosby’s first video message is so awkward, it’s hard to watch

Bill Cosby has broken his silence.

This is the first time the once-beloved actor and comedian has spoken out since several dozen women have come forward alleging he sexually assaulted them, and it’s in the form of the most awkward and incomprehensible video message ever.

The The Cosby Show dad has released the most ridiculous video message of himself talking on the phone to assure his fans that he is still performing, and he said, “You know I’ll be hilarious.”

The video was accompanied by a message from Cosby himself. “Dear fans, I hope you enjoy my wonderful video that’s filled with laughter… Hey, hey, hey, I’m far from finished,” he said.

He makes no mention of the allegations and just strangely and awkwardly talks into a rotary phone.

There are so many things about this video that don’t make sense, proving further that the man is totally delusional to think he could ever come back from the allegations or this scandal, and that anyone will ever take him seriously or that any woman in her right mind would still be a fan of him after this.

Let’s just start off with the rotary phone — maybe his publicists do have a sense of humor by mirroring his washed-up career with outdated technology.

The fact that he is trying, almost desperately in the “phone call” to convince the listener that he is still funny, and the creepy, Hugh Hefner-esque wardrobe… it’s all mind-boggling.

Cosby hasn’t officially been charged with a crime and has yet to comment publicly on the allegations, but he just keeps trying to perpetuate this “far from finished” tagline. It’s just bizarre, weird and doesn’t do anything to help rehabilitate his reputation — if that was the point of this whole thing to begin with. If anything, it just leaves more questions and lots of head-scratching.

Watch the clip from ABC News here:

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