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Netflix is coming to Australia, this is what you need to know

If ever there was a good time to use that phrase about all of your Christmases coming at once, it will be the day you acquire Netflix in your household. The streaming network will launch in Australia on March 24 and here is everything you need to know about it.

Netflix is the entertainment equivalent of a buffet

Netflix 4

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TV shows, movies, documentaries and children’s programming — Netflix will give you access to thousands and thousands of hours worth of content. Perhaps the best thing about the streaming service is that if you like a show, or are interested in watching a show you may not have seen before, Netflix will give you access to the entire series.

But just like the food at the buffet expires, so do the offerings on Netflix

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Netflix doesn’t give you access to every movie or TV show its ever had in its arsenal at the same time. Movies and TV shows are available for a certain period of time before they expire, making way for a new batch of movies and TV shows that then become available to viewers. But don’t worry, everything that is available at any one time is still more than you could ever manage to watch in one lifetime.

Netflix is for serious binge-watchers

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Netflix might even be the reason the term “binge-watching” exists. If you only slightly dabble in binge-watching or have an attention span that means you can really only watch one movie or one episode of a show at a time, then Netflix might be a little wasted on you and you might consider spending your money elsewhere. But if you are someone who not only can, but needs to, down at least one season of Friends per day, then the charm and magic of Netflix will not at all be lost on you. Which leads me to my next point…

Acquiring Netflix may lead to a feeling that you never want to leave the house

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Or shower, or brush your hair, or wear something other than pyjamas. And that’s okay, because who needs to live an actual life when you can do it vicariously through the characters Netflix will bring into your home all day long?

Netflix means nothing for you in terms of Game of Thrones

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Netflix does not have Game of Thrones. It’s about the only thing Netflix doesn’t have, so you’ll either need to continue with your Foxtel subscription to legitimately watch the show when it airs in the U.S., or you’ll need to continue doing whatever illegitimate things you’ve been doing to get access to it.

Regular television = Toyota Camry; Netflix = Aston Martin

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Netflix is where it’s at, people! Netflix is the much slicker car with all the gadgets; it’s the cool avant-garde cousin of regular television; it’s the Ryan Atwood of TV subscriptions — brooding, a little dangerous and with more depth than is obvious on the surface. Plus, with so many available viewing options, Netflix can actually be whoever you want it to be. If you want to be one of the cool kids, then you need Netflix.

You will need an internet connection


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Netflix operates via a broadband connection, so if you live in an area where trying to get even basic ADSL is proving to be a nightmare, you can add missing out on Netflix to the list of possibilities a lack of internet connection is depriving you of. The good news for iiNet customers is that any content streamed on Netflix won’t count towards your monthly data cap.

Acquiring Netflix will give you access to all of these new buzzed-about shows

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Tina Fey’s new show, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, just made its debut on Netflix in the U.S. and it is a complete hoot, so you should definitely be putting that one on your must-watch list. Other shows that are gaining a lot of traction and that are being hotly anticipated include Bloodline, Daredevil, Grace and Frankie, BoJack Horseman and Sense8. If you want discussion fodder for any networking event you have to attend, then you need to be watching these shows and you’ll never have to make small talk about the weather again.

Plus, it will give you access to these already-established, yet still buzzed-about shows

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Image: Perez Hilton

House of Cards and Orange Is the New Black — if you haven’t heard of these shows, then I must ask how you decorate that rock you’ve been living under. Netflix gave birth to these shows, which are dominating water cooler talk and award nominations. While House of Cards released its third season last month, OITNB will air its third season in its entirety on Netflix come June 12.

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