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Beyoncé’s reportedly battling fertility problems, like so many other women

Beyoncé has reportedly turned to fertility medication to help her get pregnant with baby No. 2.

The singer has been trying to get pregnant after ending her worldwide On The Run tour with husband Jay Z and it hasn’t been easy, according to OK! magazine.

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The most heartbreaking part of the story is that Beyoncé was apparently very resistant to the idea of medication but finally gave in because she so desperately wants another baby. According to a source that spoke with OK!, the medication has been awful. It has terrible side effects, including breakouts, weight fluctuations and mood shifts.

“She cries at the littlest things,” the source explained.

And while Beyoncé may in fact be trying to get pregnant and struggling, part of the story also makes me skeptical. The On The Run tour just ended in September, and I doubt Beyoncé was trying to get pregnant while she was traveling and performing all over the world with an extremely busy schedule.

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It would make sense that she and Jay Z would wait until the tour was over to begin trying for another baby. That means the couple has only been trying to get pregnant for about five or six months at most, which really isn’t a long enough time for a couple to start feeling desperate.

Again, that’s just my speculation on the whole story.

Beyoncé and her husband are notoriously quiet about their private family matters. Remember all those pesky divorce rumors that plagued them during their tour? The couple has never once said anything about those reports, so don’t expect the singers to break their silence now.

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Still, if Beyoncé is struggling to get pregnant, it’s something many women can relate to, which could explain why the story has caught on fire so quickly. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are said to be having a similar issue. The couple has been seeing a fertility doctor for some time now.

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