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7 Thoughts everyone had while looking at Kim Kardashian’s new blond hair

Kim Kardashian just went blond — like really, really blond — and we have some feelings. You will, too.

Beyonce gif

1. Stop trying to be Beyoncé

Girl, we know. Yoncé is the queen of everything. Even Kate Middleton, the most perfect person on the face of the earth, was dying to be photographed with her while visiting New York. So first you married a big hip-hop star just like Beyoncé did and then you had an adorable baby with an unusual name like she did and now you’re trying to jack her hairstyle?

Jared Leto

Image: WENN

2. Did you and Jared Leto plan this?

We knew Jared Leto cut his hair and shaved, but then he went and popped up at Paris Fashion Week with platinum locks. Kim Kardashian cut her hair and also popped up at Paris Fashion Week with platinum locks. Coincidence? Is anything in the universe every really coincidence? Ponder that one for a while.

Legolas gif

3. Didn’t we see her in The Lord of the Rings?

At the very least, she must have some Sindarin blood, if not a direct relation to Legolas. And judging from the terms of her new E! contract, there is definitely one Kardashian to rule them all.

Spike from Buff gif

4. Who would win a vampire battle, her or Spike from Buffy?

Technically a chip in Spike’s head prevents him from hurting humans, but much like when he convinces Buffy she’s not entirely human, we’re not sure someone with the earning power of Kim is entirely human, either. She’s basically a money-making machine who can suck our pockets dry. So who would win? No, really, who?

Draco Malfoy gif

5. This would totally be her face when she gets sorted into Slytherin

She is soooooo Draco Malfoy, for real.

UPDATE (March 6): Tom Felton responded to all the Malfoy/Kim memes, saying: 

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Game of Thrones gif

6. Maybe she’s prepping for a guest spot on Game of Thrones

Because she’s a dead ringer for Daenerys.

Nicki Minaj gif

7. I wonder if Nicki Minaj wants her look back

Because, really, if it ain’t Beyoncé, it’s definitely Nicki.

Tell us your thoughts on Kim’s blond hair: Love it or hate it?

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