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8 Reasons why Guy Sebastian was the perfect pick for Eurovision 2015

Australia is unofficially part of Europe now, and Guy Sebastian is representing us on the world stage.

Finally, the word is out about who will be representing Australia on the big Eurovision stage. The suspense was agonising as we were left wondering which Australian music icon would step up as the wild card candidate. There was talk of Kylie Minogue and other Aussie music favourites, but in the end, it was Guy Sebastian who was chosen.

“It’s not every day you get to perform in front of that sort of audience, 200 million, beats the local RSL,” Guy said after his participation was announced. “I want [the song choice] to represent us as a nation well, but also just be fun or be emotional. Either super fun or like a big ballad or something that showcases my voice.”

Guy is going to nail his Eurovision song entry and here’s why:

1. Guy knows a thing or two about music show voting systems:

Not only did Guy Sebastian win Australian Idol in 2003, he also came seventh in World Idol. He clearly knows how to work a crowd and make people vote for him.

2. He’s got experience with arena shows and will feel as comfortable as ever on the stage:

3. Eurovision is all about colourful costumes and big personalities. Guy Sebastian has got that covered:

4. But he also scrubs up nicely, too, if he decides to go the ballad route:

5. He’s just an Aussie bloke trying to multitask being a parent with being a big kid himself, which is why the public is going to love him:

6. The man can sing, too, obviously. That voice is going to blow Eurovision away:

7. When Guy Sebastian releases something new, it’s big. He’s got more than 50 gold and platinum certifications and he writes his own music, too:

8. This has got to count for something, too, right?
What do you think about Guy Sebastian representing Australia at Eurovision? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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