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Pregnant Kate Middleton faced with a serious stalker problem

Kate Middleton may be excited for the birth of her second child with Prince William, but she’s probably also very concerned, because according to U.K. security reports, there has been an increased interest in her in the months leading up to the birth of the royal baby.

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According to the Mirror, police officials are reportedly monitoring up to 220 stalkers that could pose a threat to the Duchess of Cambridge as she prepares to give birth next month. The publication reports that officers and psychiatric nurses are evaluating individuals that they believe pose the highest risk to Middleton, and are carrying out “welfare and medication checks” as well as observing online activity to identify any possible threats well ahead of time.

Former head of royal protection for the Metropolitan Police Dai Davies told the publication that there is reason to be vigilant during milestone events such as weddings and births.

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“They give rise to a greater likelihood of an incident. If you look back through history, the greatest threat to the royal family apart from the IRA has been fixated individuals,” he said, adding, “Prevention is one of the key areas because in about 70 percent of cases where there have been attacks, the fixated person has indicated before the incident that they are going to do something.”

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We’re glad that the police force and Middleton’s security team are being so attentive, though, because we’re pretty sure the mom-to-be has enough things to worry about without having to deal with 200-plus stalkers.

Oh, and did we mention how excited we are for the new arrival, which is scheduled for April 2015?

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