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New Kanye West parody Instagram involves skintight onesies (PHOTOS)

Kanye West is many things: a musician, an outspoken egomaniac, a video game enthusiast and a man with a very keen interest in fashion. Which is why this latest discovery is so epic.

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The “Bound 2” rapper has now become fashion itself, thanks to an Instagram account dedicated to the rapper and his risky style choices. Whether you’re a fan of West or not, the account called Kanye is Fashion will no doubt bring you much enjoyment and endless laughs as you see Kim Kardashian’s other half Photoshopped into a series of eccentric outfits.

Some of the outfit choices include a bold printed onesie, a drop-crotch gray jumpsuit, a chunky keyboard knit with matching scarf and a very strange gray creation complete with three bear’s heads.

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But it’s not just the pictures that are amazing (and we’re sad that there are currently so few of them) — the accounts creators’ captions are pretty awesome, too.

Check out these very enjoyable creations and let us know if you think Mr. West looks good in a skintight onesie. Perhaps that will be his next outfit choice, because he’s always trying to innovate and push the envelope.

We leave you with words about clothes from the man himself. “Let’s have an NBC telethon moment and say that beauty has been stolen from the people and is being sold back to them under the concept of luxury. It’s illegal to not wear clothes and also possibly too cold. That means someone is imposing an idea on you that you should legally have to do.”

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