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Kate Middleton Downton Abbey rumors are true, but not what you think

Let’s be real: The Venn diagram of Downton Abbey fans and royal family watchers probably just looks like one circle. So, when the royal press relationships people announced that Princess Kate would visit Downton, there was a fangirl shriek heard ’round the world. But, there’s more to the story….

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Sadly, as much as we’d all love to see that very pregnant princess don some period attire, it’s just not on that actual schedule. Kate isn’t heading to Downton Abbey to begin her acting career. The princess, a known Downton Abbey fan herself, is simply going to visit the set.

Palace sources report that the big visit to the studio where all the indoor shots are filmed will take place on March 12. While there, Kate will reportedly watch a scene being filmed in the servants’ quarters. Afterward, she may witness a second take whilst standing behind the monitors and watching on video screens. There’s no official word on who will be in the scene and which actors will be on tap to meet the royal. However, we expect that Dame Maggie Smith will be around, what with her basically being royalty, too.

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It’s important to note that you probably won’t see shots of the princess outside Downton, though. The indoor shots Kate will watch are all filmed in a studio. Only outside scenes are filmed on the land surrounding Downton Abbey, officially known as Highclere Castle. We’d just be happy to see a shot of her on the grand staircase, of course, or having tea in the parlor with Violet.

This isn’t the first time royals have visited filming locations and showed off their fandoms. Last year, Prince Charles visited the lot where Doctor Who is filmed and was even allowed to be the voice of the Doctor’s most infamous foe, the Dalek. And, while Kate was still pregnant with baby George, she and the royal brothers visited the Harry Potter experience in London, waved wands and visited Diagon Alley.

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Update: Kate made her official visit and Kensington Palace is posting tons of amazing pics from the day.

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