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3 Elle Macpherson secrets to being the hottest grandma on the planet

Elle Macpherson is the hottest grandma around by, like, a mile.

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OK, she isn’t actually a grandma… but she’s old enough to be one. At almost 51 years old, the model showed off her super-fit, bronzed body in a tiny black bikini during a beach shoot for Harper’s Bazaar Australia.

For Macpherson, wellness is a pretty big deal. She’s been outspoken about taking good care of her body, especially as she ages. She even cofounded a wellness and health supplement company called WelleCo, which tweeted, “Wellness has been a way of life for @ellemacpherson and doesn’t it show! In The (sic) Bahamas for @BAZAARAustralia today.”

The photos accompanying WelleCo’s tweets about the shoot say it all: Elle is looking absolutely amazing. Literally no one would guess she’s 50 years old. But it hasn’t been easy to maintain that youthful look as she’s aged, the model told Ocean Drive magazine last year.

“‘Beauty at every age’ is such a boring cliché, but beauty is not just reserved for youth,” she said. “There’s a big movement that supports that. I didn’t feel any kind of milestone pressure turning 50 at all, perhaps because I’ve been preparing for this stage of my life for a long time.”

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Elle is a mom of two and, in addition to helping start WelleCo, she has a lingerie line and a collection of beauty products. How does such a busy lady prepare to turn 50 — and look so great doing it?

“In my 40s, I started to focus on health and wellness; I stopped drinking and taking any drugs — even aspirin — and I began really cleaning out my system,” she dished. “By the time I hit 50, I didn’t feel any sort of plateau physically, and it didn’t feel like a shock emotionally either. It wasn’t like, Oh my gosh, I’d better get myself together before I turn 50; it was more like I was reborn.”

So there you have it. The secrets to looking as damn fine as Elle Macpherson once you hit grandma age are as follows:

1. Look perfect from birth.

2. No booze.

3. No drugs — even painkillers.

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Could you give up alcohol and all drugs — even aspirin — in order to age in a healthy way? Do you think it would work? Let us know what you think of Elle Macpherson’s health plan down in the comments.

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