Sister Wives‘ Robyn Brown reveals unexpected divorce details on Twitter

If the Sister Wives tell-all special left you wanting more, Robyn Brown’s tweets may be telling.

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Patriarch Kody Brown’s fourth “spiritual wife” took to Twitter to answer fans’ questions and defend the divorce that has rocked the family and its fan base.

During the tell-all following Sister Wives‘ Season 5 finale, the stars of the show seemed sure the “restructuring” of the family following the divorce wouldn’t change anything. According to prior reports, Kody divorced Meri, his first and only legal wife, so he could legally marry Robyn, presumably to gain parental rights over her three children from a previous marriage. There have been rumors that Kody plans to adopt Robyn’s kids, but those haven’t yet been confirmed.

Check out the answers Robyn gave on the social media site to some of her fans’ most burning questions below.

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Did Robyn’s impromptu Q and A answer all of your questions? What else are you still wondering about the Brown family, the infamous divorce, Robyn’s kids and the family’s “restructuring”? Will you tune in for Season 6 of Sister Wives? What do you think that season will be about? Head down to the comments and tell us what you think.

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