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Seth Rogen denies those Amy Pascal weed rumors

Though Seth Rogen took to Instagram to say he didn’t cause the pot smell in Amy Pascal’s office, he seemed more concerned with making sure people know not to call weed’s odor a “stench.”

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The actor used social media to post the Hollywood Reporter‘s headline from today, which read “Sony’s Amy Pascal Delays Office Move Due to Seth Rogen Pot Stench.”

First of all, Rogen calls the story “completely untrue” and says he isn’t sure if the lies are the most irresponsible part of the story or if the fact that the Hollywood Reporter would refer to the way weed smells as a “stench” is even more shameful.

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Pascal is in the process of transitioning from her office as Sony’s cochair to a position as an on-the-lot producer, a position that comes with a new office. But the move has been delayed, according to the media outlet, because Rogen, who most recently occupied Pascal’s new office with producer and director, Evan Goldberg, stunk up the place with all his marijuana fumes.

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Another source who spoke with the Hollywood Reporter seemed to confirm Rogen’s claim that the story is being blown way out of proportion, saying Pascal simply wants to put her own personal flair on the place and is having it repainted. But another source says the smell is so bad, it’s “seeped into the flooring,” according to the article.

And while Rogen is clearly commenting on the story, Pascal has yet to confirm or deny the rumors.

Do you believe Rogen is responsible for Pascal’s office delay?

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