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The Kardashians’ $100 million contract isn’t split up evenly at all

The Kardashian klan just inked a huge $100 million contract? for four more years with E!, but not everyone nabbed the same paycheck. See who gets the lion’s share of this cash.

Somewhat surprisingly, the money was not split up remotely evenly. In fact, one sister in particular is netting a huge chunk of the money: Kim.

Here’s how it breaks down:
Kim Kardashian: $30 million
Kris Jenner: $15 million
Khloé Kardashian: $13 million
Kourtney Kardashian: $12 million
Kylie Jenner: $8 million
Kendall Jenner: $8 million
Scott Disick: $8 million

You may notice that some family members seem to have been left off this list — and that’s because they were. Bruce Jenner will not be getting a piece of this delicious money pie, but that’s because he inked his own deal separate from the rest of the family for a docuseries reportedly about his alleged gender transition. Kanye West, Rob Kardashian, Brody Jenner and the next generation of Kardashians, including Kim and Kanye’s daughter, North West, and Kourtney and Scott’s three children, Penelope, Mason and Reign, are also missing from the list. But don’t worry that they’ll end up on Skid Row — there’s an extra $6 million allocated after the big players are paid for “family support staff,” from which these players (along with the glam squad) could be paid.

And if you’re still wondering how exactly 17-year-old Kylie managed to buy her own $2.7 million mansion, a source has a compelling inside scoop. The insider revealed that she was not happy about getting millions less than her mom and older sisters and used some inside info as leverage. “She knows a lot of family secrets, so after she flipped over the salaries, Kris bought her a house and let her move out at 17,” the source told OK! magazine. “It was hush money, basically.”

Interestingly, Kris is the manager of almost everyone involved, so she is the one who would have had the most say in how much money each sister earns. We’re sure it has to do with each cast member’s Q score and anticipated screen time, but still, can you imagine your mom being like, “Your sister is worth $30 million but you’re honestly worth nothing. Oh and by the way, I’m worth more than you, too.” Might make Thanksgiving a little awkward. We’re just saying.

Tell us: Do you think the Kardashian kash was divided fairly?

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