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5 Facts about The Jinx that make it truly terrifying to watch

Warning 1: The Jinx is not for the faint of heart. If you’re not a massive fan of murder mysteries and can’t handle gory details, we suggest you move along. Warning 2: Spoilers ahead! If you’re watching The Jinx without making any further investigation into the show, some points in this article may give away spoilers.

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HBO’s documentary series The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst has become TV’s answer to Serial. It’s real crime with no real solution, and it’s really creepy. Think you know your neighbor, your husband and your best friend? The suspicion surrounding Durst will make you rethink everything. Some key facts from this show made it just too creepy for this reporter to continue watching.

1) Robert Durst is still around

While never formally convicted of anything, Durst has been the suspect in two murders and one disappearance spanning the last three decades. When The Jinx begins, you’ll immediately see what seems like undeniable proof that Durst killed his neighbor. He’s currently someone else’s neighbor.

2) He hoodwinked a landlord and neighbor

How well do you know your neighbors? During his time in Texas, Durst rented an apartment and assumed the identity of an elderly mute woman. No one suspected anything. Everything seemed normal… until his neighbor’s body washed ashore.

3) Speaking of his body…

Within the first five minutes of The Jinx, one detective goes into graphic detail about how they fished body parts out of the water. It’s… too much.

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4) His first wife is still missing

OK, so maybe you’re one of those people who always remains suspicious of their neighbors. But what about your partner? Do you trust the person with whom you share a bed? Durst’s gorgeous first wife trusted him. Thirty years later, no one has any idea where she’s at but plenty of reason to suspect her husband is involved with her disappearance. He’s currently married to another woman.

5) Not even his trusted confidante was safe

After his wife went missing, Susan Berman, Durst’s longtime confidante, was originally overlooked. Later, she became a key witness in his wife’s disappearance. Soon after, Berman was found murdered.

If you can stomach The Jinx and the mysteries surrounding Robert Durst, I’m thoroughly impressed. This big chicken will stick to watching comedies.

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