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Tom Hanks has a bone to pick with you about his manspreading (VIDEO)

Earlier this year Tom Hanks made headlines for riding the 1 train and hogging more than one seat, causing the internet to discuss the Captain Phillips actor’s “manspreading,” aka when a man takes up too much room on the train.

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Internet users were pleased that Hanks was riding the subway like the rest of us, although he appeared to not be familiar with the manspreading rules that apply when on the subway, and he caught a little flak about this.

However, Hanks is here to tell the internet to back off and explain that he is not someone who is going to take up space — there’s nothing wrong with relaxing on the train when it’s half empty, right? Maybe he wasn’t taking up two seats on purpose anyway — he might have been saving one for Wilson.

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“I had an argument with the internet because there I am on the subway, and someone says, ‘Oh, Hanks is doing the manspread, he’s taking up too much space on the subway,'” Hanks explained to Jill Martin of A New York Minute during a New York Knicks game.

He continued, “I wanna say, ‘Hey, internet, that subway car was half empty. I’m not a guy who is gonna take up space!’ There were like 14 seats that were free. So all I was [doing] was relaxing on the train ride uptown. So hey, internet, back off!”

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So there you have it, internet. Watch the video of Tom Hanks explaining his manspreading below.

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