Revenge: There’s one story line Emily VanCamp wishes would end (EXCLUSIVE)

While Margaux immerses herself in the revenge business and Victoria learns more about Natalie, Emily continues to contemplate what comes next for her on Revenge‘s March 8 return, “Bait.”

“We’re getting a glimpse into her trying to be normal, which is just never going to happen,” Emily VanCamp tells SheKnows with a laugh. “It’s in her blood — and her Takeda training! — to be this beast. You can’t have ninja skills and not use them. That would be such a bummer!”

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The question is, what is there left for Emily to do, let alone beast out over, now that she has her father, David Clarke (James Tupper), back? Seriously, what hasn’t she been through at this point?

“That’s the thing: I don’t know,” VanCamp admits. “I want to work with these guys for another 50 years. We joke that we’ll be 80-year-olds, beating people down with our walking sticks and taking our revenge. But I do feel like there, at some point, needs to be some closure to this part of the story for Emily. That doesn’t mean other parts of the story can’t continue, but between Emily and the Graysons feels like it needs to come to an end to open up a new [story] — and because they’re all pretty much gone!”

Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) is the only Grayson left alive (that we know of!). While she still deserves Emily’s disgust, VanCamp notes their infamous sparring can’t carry the show.

“At a certain point, that relationship gets old. How many times can you have the back and forth?” she wonders. “Victoria knows who she is now, so Emily’s not masking anything. There’s a real physical boundary there, too. I mean, Emily is a ninja: At a certain point, she’s going to just cut a bitch! That’s just how it is, so we have to be crafty with those scenes.”

Victoria and Emily may trade barbs this week, per the norm, but they have other Hamptons players monopolizing their attention. Victoria is about to receive news about a death in her family and will also learn more about her newest social foil, Natalie (Gina Torres).

Marguax, meanwhile, steadies her sights on Emily and takes fire. Her ammunition, which is likely that video of Jack (Nick Wechsler) talking about having killed Kate (Courtney Ford), will hit its mark and be a game changer for Emily and Jack’s relationship. ABC’s romantic “Bait” trailer asks, “Will they finally get together?” and insinuates Jack will reveal his feelings.

Officer Ben (Brian Hallisay) is sure to have something to say about that and, frankly, it’s hard to believe Margaux is going to let Ems have her happy ending.

In the wake of Daniel’s death, the only thing we can take for granted is that no one in the Hamptons is safe.

“Not even Emily Thorne,” VanCamp warns. “She was shot in the stomach twice. How she survived that, I don’t know. I think she has nine lives!”

Whatever life Emily is on now, VanCamp admits she can imagine a version of Revenge that doesn’t include our heroine.

“I’m not going to be egotistical,” she maintains. “I think it’s, in many ways, an ensemble cast. We’ve been focusing on Emily’s revenge the past four years, [but] our audience is invested in all of the characters. And you can’t put anything past this show! It would be an insane twist.”

Indeed it would, but the show’s track record and comments from ABC chief, Paul Lee, support the possibility.

Revenge still hasn’t been picked up for Season 5. Lee wasn’t ready to throw in the towel back at January’s Television Critics Association press tour. Calling Revenge “a critical brand for us,” Lee teased “great story lines coming” and then suggested, “There are ways to reinvent it, too. It’s certainly a brand and a show, instead of actors, that we love on this network.”

Hmmm… interesting. Margaux is already dipping her toe in the revenge pond and Charlotte could easily find motivation to become the main revenger on Revenge, assuming she survives Victoria’s family death call Sunday. Someone new could certainly take up Emily’s red Sharpie, even if Emily sticks around. Emily has made so many enemies, she could easily become the new target.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. There are still several twists and turns left this season, according to Gabriel Mann (Nolan).

“I’m jealous as heck that I haven’t gotten to go full ninja on this show yet… but we’re not done with this season,” Mann teases. “There could be a couple double or triple red herrings… in fact, there definitely are!”

Revenge airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on ABC.