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Taylor Swift is getting death threats after crazy Tumblr drama

Taylor Swift is the indisputable queen of Tumblr. But will this crazy drama drive her away from the site?

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Since joining the blogging site last summer, Swift has been on it almost constantly. She’s used it to connect with her fans like no other celebrity has, even going so far as to learn their likes and dislikes and send them personalized Christmas packages.

But this week’s drama has Swift insinuating she may be thinking about leaving the site. It all started with a photo she posted to Instagram last Wednesday, showing herself with a fan named Johnnie on the Brit Awards red carpet.

But it turns out some of Swift’s fans, often called “Swifties” on Tumblr, aren’t huge fans of Johnnie. Quite a few of them actually claim that he’s bullied other fans on the site and they view the photo as Swift accepting — or even defending — Johnnie’s alleged actions. One user posted a series of screen grabs in which she said Johnnie called her feed “ugly,” said one post was “dumb and annoying” and called her an “attention seeker” and said he hated her.

Images: 1989/Tumblr

Tumblr fans got more and more divided and things escalated to the point that #SwiftiesWantTaylorSwiftDead was actually trending worldwide on Twitter. Luckily, most of the tweets using the hashtag seemed to be showing how shocked people were that it had been started at all.

Swift has yet to comment directly on the whole dramatic situation, but she’s been back on Tumblr since it started and she’s liked posts that defend Johnnie and say that she might leave the site if the drama continues, leading some users to believe she may be considering leaving already.

Image: ellie/Tumblr

Johnnie has since posted a long note on Tumblr defending himself.

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Is Taylor Swift right to distance herself from all this internet drama? Do you think her photo with Johnnie showed support for online bullying? Should she address it? Tell us what you think down in the comments.

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