Empire battle: Who’s the hottest brother?

Empire‘s Jamal, Hakeem and Andre are all in a battle to impress their father, but we’ve been impressed by more than their business savvy.

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Aside from being some of the best-looking brothers on television, these three are also bringing it with their various talents. And we aren’t just talking about the way they carry a tune.

We put the three side by side; now you tell us who you’d choose.

Empire's Andre


Hakeem: Hakeem is a rising rap god in the music world and his beats have drawn comparisons to Big Sean, Drake and Kanye West. The youngest Lyon brother definitely has musical genius in there somewhere, he just has to learn how to channel it in a positive way sometimes.

Jamal: The middle Lyon son seems to have the clearest head and confidence with his talent. With a voice like Justin Timberlake and definite Frank Ocean vibes, Jamal pulls out incredible songs from who knows where.

Andre: Not musical like the other two brothers, the oldest Lyon son’s talent is his business savvy. On paper, Andre would be the obvious choice to run the family business. But he isn’t very good at being selfless; he’s more interested in political games than keeping the company intact.

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Relationship history

Hakeem: Well, he definitely dates some gorgeous women, but Hakeem is better at being controlled in relationships. He just went public with his current girlfriend, Camilla (Naomi Campbell), but we have a feeling it won’t last long.

Jamal: Though he was in a long-term relationship with his boyfriend, Michael, the two broke up when Jamal’s music career began to take off. But now that Jamal’s out and proud, he’s sure to have plenty of potential partners to choose from. And it looks like Ryan, the hot Australian behind-the-scenes director, has already caught his eye.

Andre: He’s married to Rhonda, but that doesn’t mean the two don’t keep things spicy. Andre and his wife like some pretty risqué games. If a Fifty Shades kind of romance is your thing, Andre is your guy.

Empire's Jamal

Family dynamic

Hakeem: Hakeem has a solid relationship with his dad since they both share the music gene, but a not so great relationship with Cookie. Still, the two appear to be giving forgiveness a go as they try to get to know one another now that Cookie is out of jail.

Jamal: Jamal is really close with Cookie. They have always shared a special bond. But because Jamal is gay, he has never been accepted by his father. This has caused Jamal to refuse any money or help from his dad. Tensions are only bound to get worse now that Jamal is out of the closet.

Andre: While Andre doesn’t appear to have any beef with his parents, he also isn’t particularly close to either. He seeks his father’s approval, but the two seem to share more of a mentor/student relationship, as opposed to a father/son one.

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Hakeem: Hakeem has a lot of growing up to do. He’s acting a little bit like Justin Bieber right now. And we think there’s hope for him, he’s just got to fall on his butt a few times without Daddy coming to the rescue.

Jamal: Jamal definitely spends the most time out of the three analyzing the world. He has a broader understanding of hardships than his brothers since he has purposefully rejected the Lyon wealth for the streets.

Andre: Andre has the most formal education out of the three. And though he is book smart, he struggles with the empathy his father is hoping Andre will find. Lucious wants someone passionate, who understands the music, to take over Empire and, so far, that isn’t Andre.

Empire's Hakeem

The downside

Hakeem: Loyalty is not one of Hakeem’s strong points. Sure he’s young, but that’s not a reason to juggle women left and right.

Jamal: His music comes first. And that leaves very little time for relationships as his now-ex-boyfriend, Michael, recently discovered.

Andre: Andre is suffering from some serious depression right now. He even went so far as to put a gun to his head. On medication for bipolar disorder, Andre has his fair share of struggles, but feeling out of the musical loop with his family seems to be taking the biggest toll on his mental health right now.

So which Empire brother would you pick to date?

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