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Bill Cosby accused of making victim smear imaginary oatmeal all over her face

Another woman has stepped forward detailing her alleged rape at the hands of Bill Cosby, and her story is the strangest one yet.

In an interview with BuzzFeed, a woman who requested to be identified only as “Patricia” for privacy reasons said that she was assaulted twice by Cosby, once in 1978 and again in 1980. Much of her story closely resembles that of the other women who have stepped forward, but there are a few new details that, if true, are truly out there.

Patricia said she accepted a dinner invitation at Cosby’s home with the assumption that his wife would be in attendance as well — but Camille was nowhere to be found. Instead, the comedian arranged an intimate meal in front of the fireplace and some very strange acting exercises.

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“I felt alarm bells go off because it did feel intimate, but I was trying to be so grown up and mature,” she told BuzzFeed, adding that she accepted a drink from Cosby before acting upon his improvisation instructions.

“It was so creepy,” Patricia said. “He told me to convince him that I could remain regal and queenlike no matter what I looked like. I would leave the room and walk back in, pretending to be a queen with oatmeal on her face, and he would tell me I was doing it wrong and to go back and try again. Then, I started to feel weird from the drink. And then I don’t remember much.”

She said she later woke up naked in Cosby’s guest room to find him standing over her in a bathrobe, saying she vomited on her dress and he had to wash it for her. She believed him and felt humiliated, not questioning his explanation despite only having one drink and having to pull her car over four times to vomit on the side of the road the next day.

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Patricia said Cosby then arranged for acting lessons and a gym membership for her, and she accompanied him to various events. Two years later, in 1980, she said she was his guest at a taping of The Dinah Shore Show when it happened again: she was met with another strange request and allegedly drugged and assaulted.

She explained that Cosby gave her explicit instructions to wear her hair in a teased bun like Queen Noor of Jordan — “He was obsessed with her,” she said — and that he refused to speak to her unless she took some pills to relax. The next morning, “I was very sick and knew that someone had penetrated me,” she said. “Finally, I realized what was happening.”

She got up the nerve to confront him, but said he became furious, called her ungrateful and threw her out of his suite.

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So why talk now? It turns out that this is not the first time she has spoken out. She was set to be one of the Jane Doe witnesses in the civil suit against Cosby in 2005. But her testimony was never heard because Cosby settled the suit for an undisclosed sum the following year.

Sadly, Patricia still believes she had a role in what happened.

“I played a part in what happened to me, because I trusted the wrong person,” she told BuzzFeed. “I allowed my ambition to color my ability to make healthy choices. But what Cosby did was without my consent and a violation.

“The late ’70s and early ’80s were very different times than the culture in which we live at present. Powerful men were not challenged by women. I didn’t think anyone would believe me.”

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