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Derick Dillard tried to purposely inflict pain on a cat (VIDEO)

The Duggars might have found their actions over the weekend funny, but we are not laughing.

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Jill Duggar’s husband, Derick Dillard, posted a video on his Instagram account on Sunday that shows him sledding in the snow. But what’s disturbing is that you can clearly him sledding directly in the path of a little ginger cat, and there is nothing remotely funny about this cruelty.

In the beginning of the clip, which he captioned, “Sledding with friends and family at the Duggar home 🙂 #smallestsled,” Dillard can be heard saying “move cat” before sledding directly toward it — which is met by fits of laughter from all those involved.

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The camera then cuts away for a split second but returns just in time to see the cat leap away in fright. Although the cat did not appear to get hurt during the incident, there has been a lot of criticism of the reality TV star’s actions, and rightfully so.

“Whether or not he was trying to hurt the cat is irrelevant, he still made a stupid choice by deciding to slide exactly where the cat was rather than literally any other part of the hill,” one user commented.

“Not funny at all. Thought you loved all Gods creatures and respected them. Guess not,” another said.

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Other users even claimed that they hoped 19 Kids and Counting got canceled after Dillard’s reckless actions.

“What a cruel thing to do. And on purpose. I really hope this is the straw that finally gets your show cancelled,” one user wrote.

Another added, “@derickdillard you are a cruel person, sick individual. All the people there laughing…..sick. You people should be taken off air!!!! If you don’t value the life of a cat, I have zero respect for you or that family you now belong to.”

Watch the video below and tell us what you think of Dillard’s actions.

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