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The Brown family is planning to exploit Bobbi Kristina on new reality show

Bobbi Kristina Brown’s condition remains dire, but new reports suggest her relatives have been exploiting her situation because they’re shooting a reality TV show.

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According to TMZ, members of the Brown family have been filming a reality television show about their lives, and part of the unnamed show will reportedly be about Bobbi Kristina as she battles for her life in Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia. Although a lawyer confirmed to the website that Bobby Brown himself will not appear in the show, his two sisters, his brother and their children will.

It’s pretty mind-boggling how any relative could think of filming a reality TV show during such a sad time, and although TMZ claims there is no footage from inside the hospital, the family members apparently have “regular debriefs at home on camera where they talk about the tragedy.”

However, according to the New York Daily News, Bobby Brown’s lawyer, Christopher Brown, says that there is no reality show in the making focusing on Bobbi Kristina’s medical situation.

There is no Brown family reality show that is in production which chronicles Bobby Brown, Bobbi Kristina or the medical emergency she presently faces at Emory Hospital,” the lawyer told the publication via a statement, adding, “These reports are irresponsible.”

“Bobbi Kristina and Bobby Brown are dealing with enough right now,” he said, explaining that the family does not need “false reports” to “inject negativity into their lives.”

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There has been little update about Bobbi Kristina’s condition since she was found unresponsive in a tub at her home on Jan. 31, but her longtime boyfriend Nick Gordon has recently commented on her situation via Twitter.

In the past few days, Gordon has been vocal about his love for Bobbi Kristina. He also told fans all her vital signs are good — and took a dig at her father, Bobby Brown.
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Gordon also has expressed just how much he’s missing Bobbi Kristina, urging her to wake up.

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