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Lady Gaga sends Taylor Swift relationship advice that all girls could use

As if Taylor Swift needs another celebrity friend, it looks as if she’s earned another by using her sheer niceness. Not only are her and Lady Gaga tweeting each other, but Gaga also offered up some sweet life advice.

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Well, we’re jealous of Taylor Swift… again. She’s known for having all kinds of famous friends. Most recently, she’s been practically attached at the hip to supermodel, Karlie Kloss. Now she can add a new famous friend to the mix: Lady Gaga.

Just as we wrote last week, Swift called attention to the excellent couple of weeks that Gaga has had. Between her engagement, her stellar performance at the Oscars and her new gig on American Horror Story, Gaga’s life has taken an upswing.

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Swift noticed and said so on Twitter, “Is it just me or is Lady Gaga, like, fully LIVING right now?!? #goals.”

Mother Monster, being the kind, loving creature that she is, quickly responded to her pop contemporary. “@taylorswift13 wow you’re a sweetheart! Life is friends, family, and love!” she tweeted. Following up with, “We all see that in you, your prince charming will come!”

Everyone knows Swift has been singing and searching for her prince since she first arrived on the country scene. While many roll their eyes at her continued celebrity dating trials and errors, Gaga remained encouraging to the 25-year-old singer. That, of course, is exactly what we should all do for Swift and everyone else out there searching for their version of a prince. Mother Monster clearly has her life priorities in check and after “friends, family, and love” clearly comes “kindness.” We love this sweet exchange and hope to see plenty more between the two women in the future.

Just one question: Does Karlie know?

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