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Shia LaBeouf grosses out the internet with his new rattail braid (PHOTO)

Shia LaBeouf has definitely done quite a few weird things as of late, but his new hairstyle may be the strangest yet.

We’re going to take a page from People‘s book here and start with this: What? Why in the world? Is it real? Is it an extension? Please tell us it’s for a new role.

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The outlet even goes so far as to ask if the world prefers the paper bag the actor sported. It’s a fair question because this, this is just unexpectedly bad.

Paired with the earrings and the eyebrow ring, it’s way too reminiscent of the ’80s and not in the good way. This is so far from nostalgia.

I mean, he’s getting publicity for it, so… mission accomplished? Otherwise, why the heck would he ever think this was a good idea? We can’t even see this being a good idea in a movie… unless it’s 1983 and he’s playing a bad guy.

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Vulture is calling the rattail the new man bun, thanks to LaBeouf’s hairstyle choice, but the only man I’ve ever seen who could remotely pull of the rattail look is Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones. (You know you liked it, too.)

Star Wars

Image: Lucasfilms

So, needless to say, LaBeouf really needs to give this one up and ASAP. 1983 fashion may be back in style, but the hairstyle is best left in the past. Maybe pull a Jared Leto on this one, please and thanks.

For the record, I vote extension. Do you think his rattail is real?

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