Our Little Family exclusive: It's all about Jack's new adventure (VIDEO)

Mar 3, 2015 at 9:00 a.m. ET

Forget the parents, the kids on Our Little Family are the real stars. Check out our exclusive clip to see what Jack has to say about hockey.

If you're not watching TLC's new reality series, you should get on that, like, pronto. The show follows the Hamills, a family of five who are all little people. Michelle and Dan are parents to 6-year-old Jack and 3-year-old twins Cate and Cece.

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Jack is quickly becoming the show's breakout star, spouting off words of wisdom well beyond his six years. His interviews are some of the funniest moments of the series as he gives play-by-plays of the action happening on screen. When Michelle took the kids on a shopping trip, one of the twins wasn't happy that she didn't get to push the cart. Jack's response to his sister's fit was to throw his hands up in the air and proclaim: "Here we go, my sister's having another breakdown!"

It's moments like that one that will endear Jack and the rest of his family to your heart. Jack is big into sports and doesn't let his smaller stature slow him down when he's out there playing sports like soccer with his average-size friends.

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In the latest episode, Dan has decided to introduce his family to a sport native to his Canadian roots: hockey. Dan is especially hopeful that Jack will enjoy the sport and is no doubt looking forward to the two of them hanging out on the couch shouting at hockey games on TV. Things look good for daddy's hopes when the kids are handed noise sticks to bang together to their hearts' content, and they really start getting into it.

From the sidelines, Jack and his dad cheer on the Navy team. Jack seems to be having a great time. Could this mean more hockey could be in his future? Once Jack realizes just how cold it is on the ice, though, the only thing on his mind is hot cocoa. Maybe Dan will have to work a little harder to turn Jack into a big hockey fan.

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Check out the exclusive clip, and then be sure to watch Our Little Family on TLC when it airs on Tuesday, March 3, at 10/9c.