Sara Gilbert, Linda Perry welcome baby boy and the internet shuts down haters

Sara Gilbert and her wife, Linda Perry, welcomed their first child together on Saturday, Feb. 28.

The birth of the little boy the couple named Rhodes Emilio Gilbert Perry was announced by Gilbert’s The Talk cohost, Julie Chen, on Monday morning’s show.

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But the happy announcement did more than just serve as a piece of great news. The aftermath represented just how much our society is changing and in the best possible way — because Gilbert and Perry’s little bundle of joy was received with much applause and congratulations.

Instead of hateful comments, the celeb couple was met with praise, and anyone who tried to dish some LGBT hate was quickly shut down by the internet.

One commenter rudely tried to rain on the happy parade by saying on People, “This is disgusting! Homosexuals should not be raising children. It’s very likely this child will grow up with mental problems and attempt suicide. Modern day Sodomite!”

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The comment was quickly rebutted by fellow readers, “Sounds like YOU are the one who shouldn’t be raising children,” one responded. “When you get a chance, pull your face out of your religious book — thousands of years have passed! People have evolved. Catch up.”

“If you have nothing nice to say, ZIP YOU (sic) MOUTH!!” another chimed in.

And more than news and a photo of that precious little baby boy, the comments also served to warm my heart. Because it shows that people are becoming more accepting. Families come in all shapes and sizes. Parents don’t all look the same. And that is amazing!

Of course, we still have a long way to go and there is still progress to be made. But the vast majority of comments on the news have been full of love and praise for Gilbert, Perry and their growing family.

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“Pure perfection,” Chen said of the baby when she made the announcement, including a photo of the little guy presented by Sharon Osbourne. Chen continued, “We love you Rhodes… congratulations once again!”

Check out the baby announcement, including the adorable picture of Rhodes Emilio, below.

Do you think the Sara Gilbert, Linda Perry baby news comments prove the world is becoming more accepting?


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