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8 Reasons The Walking Dead‘s gender-swap is a huge deal

The Walking Dead‘s new character has a different gender than the comics. How will that change the series? We’ve got a few theories.

Warning: Major spoilers from the comics ahead. If you don’t want to know anything about Alexandria’s leader, stop reading now. You have been warned.

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Rick and his family made it to Alexandria in one piece. There they met the community’s leader, former congresswoman Deanna. It all sounded pretty normal (as normal as things can get in a zombie apocalypse) — that is, until you realize that Alexandria’s leader in the comic books was a man named Douglas.

When Cinemablend pointed out this huge alteration to the character, it got us thinking about how gender-swapping such an important role could mean big changes in this upcoming story arc.

1. No chasing tail

The Walking Dead

In the comics, Douglas had a lot of interest in chasing women. We’re guessing that won’t be the case with Deanna. She doesn’t seem too interested in any of the new men that have just come to her town, even though she did admire Rick’s newly shaved face.

2. Bye-bye sexism

The Walking Dead

Douglas didn’t just have a thing for pretty women. He liked to put them in high positions within the community to show his favor. Choosing community leaders based on looks isn’t the best way to build a town. Take away the sexism and we could see real leaders within the community, which would change a lot of the dynamics within the group.

3. Maybe not a murderer

twd governor gif


It’s part of Douglas’ story that he murdered someone for the sake of his town. Of course, we’re not saying that women can’t be murderers (we’re all for gender equality), but if the show has gone so far as to change genders for Alexandria’s leader, why not this fact as well?

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4. Rick’s new nemesis

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Douglas was a good leader, but he also seemed more interested in women than his town sometimes. With that aspect of Alexandria’s leader taken away, it could mean that Deanna and Rick are going to find more reasons to butt heads as they are each such strong leaders.

5. A worse leader

The Walking Dead

Despite his shortcomings, Douglas was respected by his community and shown to be a great leader. If the show really wants to throw the story into turmoil, they could change this aspect of Deanna’s personality. Perhaps she will be as bad a leader as Douglas was good.

6. A longer life

alive gif


Douglas has a very specific story line and therefore a very specific time and way that he dies. But the show has already proved that it is very willing to mess with characters’ arcs. If Douglas is now Deanna, could it be that she won’t meet his same fate?

7. No Spencer

The Walking Dead

In the comics, Douglas had a son named Spencer. But when we meet Deanna, she has a son named Aidan, which might suggest big changes to that relationship as well. Aidan is aware of the fact that he’s a jerk, so maybe the appearance of Rick and his group will make him want to be a better person.

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8. A different kind of parent

twd baby gif


Since there’s no Spencer, maybe everything about that relationship will be tossed out from the comics. Whatever kind of father Douglas was to Spencer, it could be that Deanna will be the complete opposite kind of mother.

What did you think of The Walking Dead gender-swapping Alexandria’s leader?

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