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Michelle Rodriguez calls out Hollywood for lazy approach to diversity (VIDEO)

Michelle Rodriguez’s recent comments about minorities raised a few eyebrows, so the Fast & Furious actress decided to explain what she really meant by her remarks — and she has a valid point.

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It all started with the comments she gave to a TMZ cameraman, who had asked her if she would be starring as the Green Lantern.

Rodriguez dismissed the rumors that she was in talks to star as the superhero, saying it was “the dumbest thing [she’s] ever heard,” and, “I think it’s so stupid … because of this whole ‘minorities in Hollywood’ thing … it’s like, stop stealing all the white people’s superheroes, like, make up your own.”

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Now, what Rodriguez said was nothing to get bent out of shape about. What she was trying to say is that Hollywood is lazy and should come up with entirely new characters, instead of just changing their race. However, there were many people who took offense to her comments.

To make amends, Rodriguez decided to make a public apology and a pretty awesome one at that. Taking to Facebook, she posted a video of herself lying on her bed, alongside her adorable gray cat, as she apologized to those who had misinterpreted what she has previously said.

“I stuck my foot in my mouth — once again,” she told fans with a laugh, adding, “I guess it got taken out of context because a lot of people got offended, or whatever. I have a tendency to like, you know, speak without a filter. Sorry about that.”

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She then went on to explain what she had really meant by her remarks.

“What I really meant was… there’s a language, and the language that you speak in Hollywood is a successful franchise. I think that there are many cultures in Hollywood that are not white, and can come up with their own mythology,” she added.

Watch the rest of Rodriguez’s apology video below and tell us what you think of her comments.

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