Jim Bob Duggar's rap and dance in church upset fans (VIDEO)

Mar 2, 2015 at 11:22 a.m. ET
Image: 19 Kids And Counting Official Facebook Page

Ultra-conservative is putting it mildly when describing the Duggars.

And their beliefs become even more glaring when you directly compare them to other Christian groups or individuals directly. Well, that happened just the other day when Jim Bob and his wife, Michelle, appeared with Christian singer and comedian, Anita Renfroe.

Renfroe is a self-made woman, turning herself from a stay-at-home mother into an internet sensation and a now regular commentator on Good Morning America, as well as a successful performing artist. She also is the wife of a Southern Baptist pastor.

So, why did people feel it necessary to attack her when the Duggars posted a video of themselves performing with her at a fundraiser at a church in Ohio? Renfroe asked the patriarch of 19 Kids and Counting to be her "hype man" for her song, "In Tha Muthahood," a squeaky-clean rap song about the difficulties of being a mom.


It's cute, right? The video appears on the family's blog and people went nuts on Renfroe.

Most of them were anonymous (shocker), but they said things like, "I feel the Duggars have let their standards fall in a lot of areas lately." And, "I certainly hope that TLC doesn't air segments such as this in the future or it will be the last time my family watches this program! To each his own if the Duggar's [sic] want to engage in such practice but I won't be allowing this very low standard of 'music' in my house!"

And my two favorites, "That same kind of beat came from the Voodoos who used the heavy rhythmic beat to worship devils," and "This lady seems so trashy."

What is up with all the hate from the Duggars' fans? I know Jim Bob has said they are not fans of any music other than hymns and that he considers it sinful to listen to secular songs after going to a church camp where "they talked about getting rid of secular rock music. And so, I did that… Then I went to another conference and they were talking about how music affects people… It makes you want to dance. But it's not good in your heart and your mind."

But those are his views, and there are tons of conservative Christians who sing, dance and praise the Lord, just like Renfroe, so what makes him right and what she is doing "trashy?"

What I get out of this is that if you don't believe what the Duggars do, the way they believe it, their fans will viciously attack you and call you names, even if you are clearly a devout and faithful individual.

Renfroe is actually pretty awesome, and her songs and messages are hopeful and powerful, not just for women, but for lots of people of faith. She can bridge the gap between the conservative and the "mainstream" seamlessly. But all the Duggar internet machine sees is trash. Sad. You'd think that talking about the difficulties of motherhood, even if it is a rap song and making it funny, Michelle Duggar could get behind the spirit of the song, you know... being a mother of 19 kids and all. Guess not.

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