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11 Predictions for How to Get Away With Murder Season 2

The How to Get Away With Murder Season 1 finale had so many mind-blowing twists, it’s hard to even begin to guess which direction the show will head in now. But we’ve done just that.

WARNING: Spoilers below! Do not continue reading unless you are caught up on all the craziness of How to Get Away With Murder‘s season finale.

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The finale took our breath away — no pun intended — with all the horrific deaths in the episode. First, we finally learned that while Sam did in fact play a role in Lila’s murder, Frank was the one who carried out the deed. And then, in a death no one saw coming, Rebecca was killed at the end of the episode, setting up a whole new whodunit for Season 2.

Check out all our out-there predictions for Season 2 and weigh in with your own opinion in our comments section below.

1. Frank is an all-around traitor

I think Frank is a lone wolf type: he’s more concerned with self-preservation than playing for anyone’s team. That means his motive for being involved with Annalise (Viola Davis) and Sam must go way back and have some serious implications in order to keep him around for so long. I don’t think he’s loyal to either one of them.

2. Sam wasn’t calling Frank for that “favor”

We never specifically saw Sam speaking directly to Frank. We just assumed that’s who he was speaking to because Frank’s the one who showed up to kill Lila.

3. Annalise is the real killer

Going along with No. 2, what if Frank is actually loyal to Annalise and she found out about the affair, so she asked Frank to kill Lila? Maybe Sam was sincere about his intention to leave Annalise and was calling a friend to help once he broke it off rather than getting rid of Lila.

4. Frank also orchestrated Sam’s death

Perhaps Frank was manipulating the situation to inadvertently put Sam in a bad position with Rebecca and the students. Maybe he didn’t want to “owe” Sam anymore, so he figured he’d be worth more dead. Of course, this is probably giving Frank too much credit. And, assuming Frank is that lone wolf type, I’m going to go ahead and say that if he wanted Sam dead, he would have done it himself. Hey, this show is definitely full of some complicated messes — what’s one more?

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5. Lila wasn’t Frank’s first murder

Don’t forget a few episodes ago when Frank so easily offered to kill Sam’s sister Hannah because she was snooping. The way he asked Annalise was so easy and calm, it suggests that Frank is the hit man Laurel suggested after all.

6. Wes killed Rebecca

I’m still not entirely convinced Wes is innocent, especially given that he seems to always be so central to the bad things that happen. The show sets up Wes as the central character, but why? This isn’t a show with happy endings, so what’s he playing at?

7. Wes and Annalise are somehow related

Continuing the thought process of No. 6, that ending scene with Annalise cradling Wes’s head and telling him everything will be all right was entirely too motherly, if you ask me. Since when is Annalise a softy? Yet she and Wes have this eerie bond — one that even the other law students have pointed out throughout Season 1 — that suggests they’re connected in ways we haven’t uncovered yet.

8. Someone planted the ring in Connor’s car

Laurel told Michaela that she found the ring in Connor’s car but kept it from her because she wanted to make sure Michaela was loyal to the group. Clever Laurel. But what if she was the one actually getting played? Perhaps someone knows what happened in that forest and is going to start taunting the students Pretty Little Liars-style.

9. The Eggs 911 message was for Griffin

They did sleep together, after all. Maybe that was their drunken secret code for getting caught and Rebecca was hoping Griffin would read into the text and discover she was in trouble. If this is the case, there’s bound to be a bigger role for Griffin in Season 2. Whoever the Eggs 911 message was for, we can bet they’ll play a much bigger role in Season 2.

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10. Sam will return for some serious flashbacks

Just because he’s dead doesn’t mean he’s gone for good. Now we have to figure out how this whole Sam and Frank relationship evolved — if, in fact, they had a relationship. Either way, we’re in for some good backstory in the new season.

11. Nate will be the ultimate hero

He is probably the only good guy of this story. And he’s also another Eggs 911 prospect. He and Rebecca were working together, and she seemed to trust him, which means he won’t just let her disappearance go. He’ll continue to fight the good fight, searching for justice.

What are your predictions for How to Get Away With Murder Season 2?

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