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Leonard Nimoy sings about our favorite hobbit and it’s adorkable (VIDEO)

We’re still having a hard time believing that our favorite Vulcan has left us. Of course, we mean Leonard Nimoy, and we know his life was so much bigger than the Star Trek franchise. Like many of us, he loved The Hobbit, and Nimoy even sang about Bilbo way before Peter Jackson wowed us with the Lord of the Rings movies. Enjoy this fun farewell.

We were surprised to discover that Leonard Nimoy, best known for playing Spock in the Star Trek franchise, had a recording career. His 1968 album, entitled The Two Sides of Leonard Nimoy, explored his own struggle to find an identity that existed somewhere between Vulcan and human.

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While we can all recall Nimoy as Spock, the most logical character ever created, in real life, Nimoy enjoyed making pop music and having fun with with fantasy characters like The Hobbit‘s Bilbo Baggins.

On July 28, 1967, Nimoy appeared on the short-lived variety show Malibu U, which also featured actress Erin Grey, later known for playing Wilma Deering in another sci-fi television show, Buck Rogers.

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In this video, you can see Nimoy singing the ballad along with cute, sweater-clad ladies.
What’s even more surprising, is that in 2013, 46 years after this video, Leonard Nimoy appeared in a commercial for Audi alongside Zachary Quinto, where Nimoy recites the lyrics from the same song.

Watch to the end of the video to see Nimoy and Quinto’s hilarious reaction to a driverless car. Quinto, of course, reprised the role of Spock in the Star Trek movie reboot.

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Of course it makes sense to us that Nimoy would be a fan of J.R.R. Tolkien’s fantastical literature like Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. We only wish he had been in those movies as well.

Perhaps in a galaxy far, far away, Nimoy is playing the role of Gandalf. We can only dream.

Rest in peace, dear Leonard.

How will you pay homage to the great Leonard Nimoy? Let us know in the comments section below.

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