Kate Middleton rushed to the hospital after fearing for her baby's health

Feb 27, 2015 at 4:45 p.m. ET
Image: WENN

Pregnancy has not been easy on the Duchess of Cambridge. This latest scare is all too common among moms-to-be.

The former Kate Middleton, who is thought to be approximately seven months pregnant, was reportedly rushed to the hospital after suffering severe abdominal pain that she feared was premature labor.

"Kate was frantic. William wasn't home, and she was seriously concerned about the pain she was in," a source told Star Magazine. "She was doubled over in agony, and her immediate fear was for her unborn baby. So she had her aides call emergency services."

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"At first they thought she was in labor, but her contractions weren't regular enough to warrant them preparing for birth," the source said.

The timing of the incident is unclear, but Prince William is currently on an official visit to Japan — so it's a good thing Kate's pains were determined to be Braxton Hicks contractions.

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What the heck are those? Braxton Hicks is basically false labor — for some women it barely causes any discomfort, but for others the pain is nearly indistinguishable from true labor pains. The main difference is that Braxton Hicks tend to be sporadic and irregular, and don't bring on the other physical signs of labor that real contractions do.

There is no word from the palace confirming or denying this story, but we do hope for poor Kate's sake it's not true. She already had to suffer through hyperemesis gravidarum twice, and the third trimester of pregnancy is tough enough without having to deal with the scare of false premature labor!