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David O. Russell loses his temper, spews profanity at Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence and director David O. Russell are working together for the upcoming film Joy, but if recent reports are true, then the pair are already butting heads.

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TMZ reported that Lawrence and Russell were seen having a major blowout on the set in Boston, Massachusetts, on Tuesday. According to TMZ, the argument is believed to have started because the pair were not seeing eye to eye on a scene, and Russell began screaming and spewing profanity at Lawrence.

However, a representative for Fox 2000, the studio behind the movie, has revealed that although there was a screaming match on the set, it was all method acting. Apparently, the studio has claimed the famed director was just trying to get under Lawrence’s skin before filming a scene that required her to shout at someone.

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But it appears Russell was not in a particularly good mood that day because TMZ alleges that when film producer Harvey Weinstein arrived on the set to see Lawrence, the director asked him to leave — and he only got as far as the makeup trailer.

The studio rep revealed to TMZ that Weinstein was previously told his presence on the set would be a distraction to the cast and crew during filming, but he had decided to show up anyway, unannounced.

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With all the commotion that appears to be taking place on the set of this upcoming film, it’s only making us more excited to see the end product. It’s also the third movie that Lawrence and Russell are working on together, so we are expecting great things.

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