An Arrow fan favorite is coming back from the dead for CW spinoff

That crossover special featuring Arrow and The Flash must have been pretty successful, because there may be more in the works.

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Only this time, instead of a two-night special, E! News reports there’s talk happening of a full spinoff crossover TV series.

According to the site, it’s been officially confirmed that the CW is developing a new Arrow spinoff show, which will feature characters from Arrow and its first spinoff series, The Flash.

But which ones? It turns out, the lineup is the most exciting part of this announcement.

According to Deadline, the actors slated to star include The Flash‘s Victor Garber and Wentworth Miller and Arrow‘s Brandon Routh and Caity Lotz, somehow back from the dead, obviously.

Lotz starred on Arrow as Sara Lance/the first Canary until she was (spoiler alert!) murdered during the current season. Her sister on the show has taken up her persona as the Black Canary and we’re not sure if her presence on the cast list means the new spinoff series is going to be set further back in time, before her death, if she’s somehow come back to life or even if she just plays an entirely new character. The possibilities here are endless.

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And what about Routh? He plays Arrow‘s Ray Palmer/the A.T.O.M. and the CW had already announced that the A.T.O.M. was set to get his own spinoff show. It turns out, this is it, but he’ll be far from the only character to take part.

E! News also reports that Dominic Purcell isn’t named, even though he plays Miller’s villainous counterpart. And neither is Robbie Amell, even though he stars as Garber’s other half of the superhero, Firestorm.

E! News is saying the new show will have periodic appearances from other characters and that it will introduce three major DC Comics characters who have yet to make TV appearances. Any guesses as to who those might be?

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