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Tracy Morgan’s recovery update breaks our hearts

Tracy Morgan is still fighting to get better after his severe car crash eight months ago.

According to an update from Us Weekly, the comedian is desperate to get back to work, but just isn’t there yet.

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A source told the magazine, “If Tracy could be out, acting and doing what he loves, he would be — 100 percent. But sadly, he just can’t yet.”

The accident occurred last June. Morgan’s limo was struck by a Walmart truck while on the New Jersey turnpike.

Morgan was spotted on the streets just yesterday on his way to a rehab facility in New Jersey. He was using a cane to help him walk. Though his condition continues to improve, the injuries he sustained definitely took their toll. Morgan broke his leg, femur, nose and ribs and suffered from a brain injury in the accident, which claimed the life of his friend, James McNair.

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Following the crash, Morgan spent 10 days in intensive care before beginning the rehabilitation process with physical therapy.

He also sued Walmart for negligence. The corporation countersued, claiming Morgan wasn’t wearing a seatbelt at the time of the accident.

Morgan definitely hasn’t been without the support of Hollywood and his comedian friends.

During the Saturday Night Live 40th anniversary special, Morgan’s 30 Rock costars, Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin, made sure to pay their respects to Morgan who had to miss the event due to his injuries.

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“I wish my friend Tracy Morgan was here tonight,” Fey said, “and I know that he was hoping he would be well enough to be here, too. If he were here tonight, I’m sure Tracy would remind us that, more than anything, he’d like to get us all pregnant.”

“See you at the 41st, Tracy,” Baldwin chimed in.

The source that spoke to Us Weekly said that seeing Fey and other stars mention him makes Morgan very emotional since he is so anxious to get back to work.

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