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TLC’s Myrtle Manor: What the premiere taught me about living in a trailer park

After two seasons of delaying the inevitable, I finally plopped down to watch TLC’s colorful trailer park-based reality show, Myrtle Manor. It not only became my new favorite show, but I’m seriously considering a move.

Let’s be real: We all have ideas in our heads about what a trailer park family looks like and how trailer park neighbors behave. To say that the residents of Myrtle Manor break those stereotypes would be a bold-faced lie. What I can say, though, is that they make that lifestyle look like a lot of fun. Take tonight for instance…

After fleeing to Ohio to have their new baby, Jared and Chelsey returned to Myrtle Manor with baby Bellamy Roe. They came quietly, but quickly realized they had returned to a world of chaos. While the “kids” were gone, two of their neighbors broke in to create the most heartfelt but frighteningly strange circus/clown-themed nursery you could imagine. When they returned, the young couple had a hard time keeping their opinions to themselves and, of course, offended their friends. Don’t feel too bad, though. Shortly before the new parents returned home, everyone had a blast making fun of the baby’s name. And, of course, everyone was gossiping about whether or not Jared would go back to work as a stripper and if Chelsey still had the body to perform as a mermaid at a local attraction.

Rough? Sure. But, it doesn’t sound any worse than the stuff my family says about one another. And while the nursery was terrifying, it came with the best of intentions. Pretty sure if I were in Chelsea’s situation, my more organized friends would just shake their heads and write me out of their lives. That’s the thing about the trailer park family: Everyone is on the same level and, at the end of the day, they all look out for one another.

While the grown folks may be scoffing at baby Bellamy’s fishing bait-esque middle name, that doesn’t mean they don’t absolutely love her. Of the two parties that happened during the season premiere, one was a “sip and see.” Yeah… I’d never heard of this, either. It’s basically an excuse to get drunk while playing with a precious baby. From lockets of Bandit’s hair to a cut-up and “sexy” animal print onesie, Bellamy was showered with presents from her drunk “family” before everyone left the new family to some peace and quiet.

Of course, just like most families, the Myrtle Manor gang comes with its fair share of chaos. Amanda is feeling left out now that her former BFF has a boyfriend and a baby to entertain her. She needed a new friend to party with and she found it in a former resident, who showed up on her doorstep looking for a place to stay. Just one problem: Amanda’s roomie, Britney, is sooo not cool with having a third person in their single-wide trailer. And since Amanda’s crush, Brock, is all over Britney, you can probably guess this roommate feud is only getting started.

So much drama, but so much fun and love. Aside from all the hot, young bodies and beachy, brightly painted trailers calling my name, there are also the older folks that keep things together. From hookups to breakups and everything in between, the residents of Myrtle Manor always have each other’s backs and can always find something to celebrate. With neighbors like these, who needs family?

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