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Why First Dates is the best dating show ever

The third series of Channel 4 dating show First Dates starts next week and the fact that it’s going to be the longest series so far suggests we’re not the only ones who think it’s frickin’ awesome.

This is because it’s a dating show that’s actually about dating. Which is, believe it or not, almost unprecedented. Other shows spend more time focusing on the exercise of pairing people up (Blind Date, Street Mate, Would Like To Meet), distract the audience with food (Dinner Date) or are no more than a platform for egomaniacs who just want to get their mug on telly and will probably date anyone for 15 seconds of “fame” (Take Me Out, I Wanna Marry Harry).

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First Dates is all about the first date itself in all its nerve-wracking, butterfly-inducing, often excruciatingly awkward wonderfulness. Although the show’s application process is interesting in itself (viewers at home can apply online to date people they see the following week), no screen time is taken away from the interaction between two complete strangers, meeting for the first time, attempting to find some common ground while still remembering their table manners.

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First Dates can also serve as a useful refresher course for those singletons trying to get back on the dating scene with the daters offering their own personal — and rather interesting — views on all aspects of dating: 

Video credit: Channel 4/YouTube

Video credit: Channel 4/YouTube

Video credit: Channel 4/Tube

First Dates is back on Channel 4 on Friday, March 6. Here’s a sneak peek: 

Video credit: Channel 4/YouTube

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