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Jon Stewart single-handedly takes on Fox News and their lies (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart is definitely using his remaining days at The Daily Show in the best possible way.

He’s been tearing it up with his monologues in the past few weeks. First, he put Mike Huckabee in his place. Then, he masterfully attacked Alabama and Kansas for their homophobic behavior. Now he’s single-handedly taking on Fox News and their lies. Oh, and it only takes him six seconds.

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The challenge began after news of Stewart’s departure from The Daily Show led Fox News to make some pretty harsh comments against the host, calling him “a little nasty” and “not a force for good.” Some Fox commentators even went so far as to accuse Stewart of bending the truth for the sake of humor.

Stewart did not brush these comments off.

Instead, he challenged Fox News to a lie-off, but not before he put them in their place, pointing out that The Daily Show has someone on staff who “uses every fiber of his being” to ensure facts are reported correctly.

When accused of “poisoning the brand” of Republicans and conservatives at Fox News and beyond, Stewart showed some super-unflattering clips of Rush Limbaugh before asking, “How do you poison a cyanide factory?”

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He further accuses the network of being more concerned with “discrediting anything that they believe harms their side” rather than with actually searching for truth. And to prove that they’re the ones who are actually lying, Stewart presents 50 Fox News lies… in only six seconds, thanks to a brilliant Vine.

This just might be Jon Stewart’s best dis yet.

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More than sadness over not seeing Jon Stewart’s goofy face every day when he’s gone, this report just makes me nervous for the future of satirical news. After all, who will call out the political liars of this world once Stewart has left? I need his epicness in my life. Because it may be humor, but it’s also truth delivered in the best possible way.

It’s your move, Fox News.

Do you think the network will respond?

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