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13 Moments from Drew Barrymore’s life that everyone can learn from

One thing you can say about Drew Barrymore is that the woman knows how to land on her feet.

Through a turbulent childhood, a rough adolescence, failed relationships, career hiccups and other personal and professional issues, Barrymore has demonstrated her ability to rebound after tough times and better herself by triumphing through tribulation.
Perhaps the most impressive part of Barrymore’s knack for making lemons into lemonade is that she always does it with a smile on her face. She just seems to have been born with an innate energy, as if she knows that the universe will always find a way to make things right.

Now that she has announced she’s writing a new book, we can’t help but wonder how much wisdom she will impart through its chapters. Here are 13 moments from Barrymore’s life that most people can relate to and learn from, on one level or another.

1. Her first job interview

Barrymore was bitten by a dog at her first audition for a dog food commercial when she was 11 months old, according to Instead of crying, baby Drew laughed and landed the job. The incident not only proved that Barrymore was born with a resilient attitude, but also shows that sometimes when you’re in a bad situation, the best thing to do is just laugh it off.

2. Landing the role of Gertie in E.T.

Barrymore’s first major role was in the legendary Spielberg film, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, when she was just 7 years old. While nabbing a part in a major motion picture and becoming a child star is a dream for a lot of people, the fame and pressure the film brought sent Barrymore on a downward spiral of addiction and other issues kids shouldn’t have to deal with. Lesson learned: The thing you think your dreams are made of is not always what’s best for your life.

3. Her first stint in rehab

Barrymore hit the party scene hard and began experimenting with drugs before she was 10 years old, which landed her in rehab at the age of 14. No one is invincible and above needing help from addiction.

4. Second rehab stint

Not long after her first stay in rehab, Barrymore ended up going back after a suicide attempt. After she emerged from the facility, she lived for a time with singer, David Crosby, who said that “she needed to be around some people who were committed to sobriety,” according to People magazine. This shows us that surrounding yourself with the right people can be the key to success.

5. Being blacklisted in Hollywood

“I walked into [an] audition and the casting director just sat there laughing,” Barrymore said in 1992, according to Hello magazine. “He said, ‘I can’t believe you have the balls to walk into this audition, Little Miss Drug Addict. Right, like we’re going to give you this job.’ I was blacklisted, big time,” she added. If she had listened to that casting director and stuck her tail between her legs, we wouldn’t know Barrymore as the amazing actress/director/producer that she is now. Don’t ever let someone else tell you what you are, or aren’t, capable of.

6. Her first marriage

At 19, Barrymore married 31-year-old bar-owner, Jeremy Thomas, after dating him for six weeks and the wedding was presided over by someone they found on a 24-hour wedding hotline, according to People. Barrymore filed for divorce less than two months later. The lesson here is pretty cut and dry: Don’t marry someone you don’t know!

7. Posing for Playboy

While she was still a teenager, Barrymore bared it all for Playboy magazine. The spread garnered a strong reaction from Barrymore’s godfather and former boss, Steven Spielberg, who sent the actress a quilt with a note that said, “Cover yourself up.” Feel free to be proud of your body and do what you want with it, but be prepared to deal with the consequences when people close to you have an opinion.

8. Formation of Flower Films

In 1995, Barrymore and her business partner, Nancy Juvonen, created their production company, Flower Films, and Barrymore’s acting career took off like wildfire, proving that creating opportunity and success for yourself is always possible.

9. Divorce from Tom Green

After several years of dating, Barrymore and Green tied the knot in 2001, but Green filed for divorce just five months later. Both Green and Barrymore released incredibly warm statements about each other after the separation. Sometimes relationships just don’t work, but that doesn’t mean there is any less love or admiration between the people involved.

10. Her super-private relationship with Fabrizio Moretti

Barrymore was with the Strokes drummer for five years and she credited the success in the relationship to their decision to keep a low profile. “We don’t walk down the red carpet and we don’t sell our love,” Barrymore told People when the couple was still dating. “That takes a lot of the pressure off of us because we don’t care what people think.” Barrymore and Moretti’s romance can be a lesson to all of us non-famous people, as well: Keeping your relationship off of social media and away from public scrutiny is usually best for everyone.

11. Reconciling with her estranged father

In 2004, Barrymore reignited her relationship with her father in the last stage of his life, despite him not being there for her as a child. “I don’t want to be crippled by things that happened in the past,” she told People. Barrymore got the closure she needed to move on and be productive in her own life, something that’s healthy for everyone.

12. Her appointment as the face of CoverGirl cosmetics

Barrymore became an easy, breezy, beautiful CoverGirl in 2007 and the company said she “emulates the iconic image of CoverGirl with her fresh, natural beauty and energetic, yet authentic spirit,” according to the Washington Post. Be true to who you are, because people and success gravitate towards authenticity.

13. Taking a small role in He’s Just Not That Into You

Despite being one of the biggest stars in the film’s ensemble cast and being offered a bigger role, Barrymore says she chose a smaller part because it was perfect for her at the time. “I identified with that character,” she said of playing Mary. “There were so many other great roles and there are so many awesome actors, I just wanted to step back and get into my character. I wanted to make her the one who is disenfranchised by technology. It was a perfect fit for me.” Like Barrymore, the only one who knows what’s right for you is you and you always have to do what’s in your own best interest.

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