Naomi Campbell’s reason for attacking a cameraman was fair (VIDEO)

We all know that Naomi Campbell doesn’t react well when someone crosses the line, and that’s just what happened when a cameraman caught up with the supermodel during her recent vacation.

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During a 15-second video that was posted on NBC News’ Facebook page, Campbell is seen out and about on the streets of Cuba. In the beginning of the footage, the model looks like she’s adjusting her hat to hide her face, but it’s game over once she spots a cameraman. She immediately walks up to him, grabs the camera and demands that he stops filming. At time of press, the video had racked up more than 95,000 views and we can only expect that the number will grow from there.

Sure, Campbell created the story herself by grabbing the camera and having a fit in front of the lens. I mean, she could have just kept it moving or told someone from her entourage to approach the cameraman from the beginning, but there is a sense of invasion that’s going on and it’s simply wrong. It’s a tale as old as time, but this issue is going to stay relevant as long as the paparazzi keep on hounding these folks.

Thankfully, SheKnows and plenty of other websites have partaken in the #NoKidsPolicy wave, which urges people to stop supporting publications that run unauthorized photos of celebrity children. It’s a step in the right direction and will hopefully create something that helps these adults out in the long run too. Until then, Naomi, just try and keep your head up high and anger to a minimum.

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