Benedict Cumberbatch pens touching apology for missing funeral of young fan

Baker Street was a little bit somber that day, the day 14-year-old Sherlock superfan, Eve Shepherd, was laid to rest.

Benedict Cumberbatch surely felt the sadness that day. The Sherlock Holmes actor wrote a heartfelt letter to the family of the young girl, apologizing for having to miss her funeral because he was, “filming the show that she loved.”

The note was read aloud at her service, an affair that seems to have been a perfect reflection of the fangirl’s love of the BBC show, as mourners donned deerstalker hats honoring her.

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The letter Cumberbatch wrote said, “I send my deepest sympathies to Eve’s family. To lose someone so young who fought for her health all her life must be beyond endurance. I hope they can take solace from the fact that she was clearly much loved and her support of our show is hugely appreciated and shall be remembered.”

He continued, saying, “I wish I could be there but sadly am filming the show that she loved.”

Cumberbatch closed the letter with, “God rest her soul. With all my love and sympathies, Benedict XXX.”

Shepherd’s parents were told baby Eve would not live more than 24 hours when she was born at just 28 weeks. But she survived, defying the odds, and endured 200 operations during her short 14 years on Earth.

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Her father said, “She would be giggling her head off at the thought she was in the newspaper. But she would be so happy about the letter from Benedict — she was a huge fan.”

Eve’s mother said, “She knew her own mind, and it’s a shame more kids don’t feel strong enough and comfortable enough to be like Eve in that way.”

Shepherd died after having difficulty breathing. She was only able to have a tracheotomy tube removed for the first time last year.

The funeral recessional was marked by the playing of the Sherlock theme song.

See her photo and read more about her at The Daily Mail.

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