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Madonna falls at the Brit Awards 2015

It wasn’t quite the comeback she was hoping for after a 20 year absence from the Brit Awards.

Madonna last performed on the Brits stage in 1995 delivering an impeccable rendition of “Bedtime Stories.” This time around it wasn’t quite so flawless. The 56-year-old crashed down three stairs during her closing performance of “Living For Love” after her long cape was pulled by a backup dancer. The ironic part is she was singing the lyrics “Not gonna stop, gonna carry on” at the time.

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What made Madonna’s fall even more excruciating to watch was that she dropped her mic and missed several of the following lyrics. For a split second it wasn’t clear what was going to happen next. But at least we know she was singing live, right?

However this is Madonna, and she’s nothing if not the consummate professional. Pesky cape discarded, she picked herself up, carried on and finished the track on a high.

She even took the time to reassure her fans after the show — via Instagram, of course: 

Photo credit: Madonna/Instagram

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