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Zendaya’s response to Giuliana Rancic’s apology deserves a round of applause

Giuliana Rancic checked her privilege and gave Zendaya a real apology — and the singer could not have come up with a classier response.

Rancic went on air yesterday to not just apologize for her racist remark that Zendaya’s dreadlocks must smell like patchouli and weed, but to explain the lesson she has learned from the experience — and that last part is something usually sorely lacking from celebrity mea culpas.

Watch Giuliana Rancic’s complete apology to Zendaya

“I just want everyone to know I didn’t intend to hurt anybody, but I learned it is not my intent that matters,” Rancic said. “It’s the result. And the result is that people are offended, including Zendaya. And that is not OK.

“Therefore, I want to say to Zendaya, and anyone else out there that I have hurt, that I am so, so sincerely sorry,” she said. “This really has been a learning experience for me. I’ve learned a lot today, and this incident has taught me to be a lot more aware of clichés and stereotypes, [and] how much damage they can do. And that I am responsible, as we all are, to not perpetuate them further. Thank you for listening.”

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So is all forgiven? It is by Zendaya, at least.

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The young star could not have handled this entire mess in a classier manner. Zendaya is a real role model for all of us, regardless of race — or hairstyle.

Tell us: What do you think of Giuliana’s apology and Zendaya’s response?

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