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Christina Aguilera could cross over to become a country star

Christina Aguilera is heading to ABC’s Nashville for a multi-episode stint, and we can’t help but wonder if her character will mirror Aguilera’s own life.

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The singer will be playing an established pop star named Jade St. John who wants to enter the country music genre (aka the opposite of “The Taylor Swift“), and it very well could be a not-so-subtle message from Aguilera herself that she’s interested in expanding her brand.

Her Voice cohost Blake Shelton must be rubbing off on her or, at least, inspiring some healthy competition. “Move over, Blake, you may not be able to play that ‘country card’ for long,” Aguilera joked in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

On a more serious note, Aguilera did admit she is interested in integrating some country style into her music. “I am excited to try something different, as I do think in life, and in music, experience just adds to the creative process.”

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While Aguilera’s character on the show will have a country heart, her record label will want the pop star to stick to the brand they’ve already built, so she’ll face an uphill battle trying to make the music she wants to make.

We have a feeling Rayna James (Connie Britton) might come to the rescue with her record label Highway 65. Rayna is building quite the fleet of strong female artists, after all.

But, of course, it wouldn’t be Nashville if it were that easy. There’s gotta be some good drama and it looks like Jade will have her eyes set on Jeff Fordham. Last time we saw him, he was getting fired from Edgehill Records, but there might be a silver lining to his dark cloud if he plays his cards right.

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According to a Springfield, Illinois, ABC affiliate, sparks won’t fly between the two, who have a rocky relationship, which is good with me since I’m team Jeff and Layla all the way. They’re super-weird but it somehow works.

Rather than romance, it sounds like Aguilera will be spending her time in Nashville focusing on the music.

Do you think Christina Aguilera should add some country to her songs?

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