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American Horror Story: Lady Gaga is now the leading lady in Season 5

Ooh la la! It looks like Lady Gaga will be joining the cast of American Horror Story for Season 5 and we’re stoked. We can’t imagine a more perfect place for Mother Monster to land.

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Gaga made the announcement today via her Twitter account, with a video of her in a creepy mask. We’re not sure if the mask is a sign of things to come, or if it’s just Gaga being Gaga. Either way, we love it. Check it out.

Practically nothing is known about the upcoming season. So far, we’ve heard it will be titled American Horror Story: Hotel. The show usually premieres around Halloween and wraps after the first of the year. We know for sure that star Sarah Paulson won’t be back, but we assume the show’s anchor, Kathy Bates, will be. Though, again, that’s not confirmed.

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It seems like just recently everyone was commenting on Gaga’s career and whether or not she was still relevant. Her recent pairing with Tony Bennett was colossal for her, but shrug-worthy for most of her young, edgy fans. It seems as if in one fell swoop, Gaga has made a 180-degree turn while still staying true to her Mother Monster self and her Tony Bennett-loving side. She killed it at the Oscars with a gorgeous montage of songs from The Sound of Music, surprising more snooty viewers and no doubt earning even more fans. Her role on Ryan Murphy’s haunting television masterpiece will certainly speak to old fans while continuing to prove to cynics that Gaga is full of talent just waiting to be unleashed.

What’s next for Gaga on her road to relevancy? Keep watching… and don’t blink.

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