11 Signs you’re too obsessed with Kate Middleton and the royal family

We admit it: We love the Duchess of Cambridge and the rest of the royals. In fact, you might say we’re a wee bit royals obsessed. But even we haven’t crossed the line into crazed mania — yet — so if you recognize yourself in any of the signs below, you may want to get help.

Prince William Prince Harry

1. You prefer to date men named William or Harry, but a Charles or Philip will do in a pinch. He must have a British accent, at the very least.

Will and Kate baby

2. You’re not pregnant, or even close to that point in your life, but you keep an eye on Seraphine’s sale page just in case.

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Kate Middleton

Image: Zak Hussein/WENN.com

3. You’ve taken repli-Kate-ing to a whole new level with your dog, a black cocker spaniel named Lupo.

Kate Middleton

4. You keep your local blowout bar in business, so your chestnut locks stay shiny and wavy no matter what the weather.

Kate Middleton

5. The Kentucky Derby is your favorite American sporting event, but not for the horses — the ladies’ hats are to die for.

Prince George

6. You can name all the various royals that Prince George was named after (and there are a lot of them).

Kate Middleton engagement ring

7. You have a complete cross-referenced list of all the outfits Kate has worn that are similar to outfits Diana wore, including jewelry.

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Prince Charles

8. You have a strong opinion on whether Charles should ever take the throne or if the U.K. should just skip over him straight to Queen Catherine — er, we mean King William.

Pippa Middleton

9. You have Google alerts set up for the first 10 in line to the throne, plus Pippa. You’re particularly thrilled when Pippa and Prince Harry are in the same article because obviously they are destined to be together.

Prince William Kate Middleton

10. Your Pinterest boards consist of, “Kate Middleton is my best friend,” “Kate Middleton — The college years,” “Kate Middleton making funny faces,” “Kate in cabs,” “Will and Kate smooching,” and “Other less important royals.”

Kate Middleton

11. Your first reaction to the title of this article was indignation because there is no such thing as being too obsessed with the most perfect human being on the face of the earth.

Tell us: How obsessed are you with the royal family?


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