Heidi Montag’s public ‘apology’ to Lauren Conrad is pitiful (VIDEO)

Have you ever wondered what Heidi Montag has been up to since the series finale of The Hills? Besides playing sidekick to her loving husband, Spencer Pratt, it seems that Montag has likely been sitting around stewing about her breakup with former BFF, Lauren Conrad, for the past eight years.

In a counseling exercise during an episode of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars titled “Forgiveness,” the reality star goes on a bizarre and pitiful rant about how sorry she is that Conrad was such a selfish, horrible friend way back in the day. For someone who is supposed to be letting bygones be bygones to further their own life, the speech is pretty backwards.

“I was the best friend you ever had,” an uncontrollably sobbing Montag says to a woman standing in for Conrad. “Lauren, I forgive you for being so insecure in your life and so frustrated for everything that you went through that you felt like you had to blame it on me because it was easier. I forgive you for trying to ruin my life. I forgive you for everything. I just don’t want to have this with you anymore.”

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The man leading Montag through the exercise coaches her with, “If you don’t forgive, you empower the other person,” but it doesn’t seem that Montag is anymore empowered after “forgiving” Conrad, who likely hasn’t had any thoughts about her relationship with Montag in quite some time.

Montag has undoubtedly had some really rough times over the past several years, including a separation from Pratt, body image issues and horrific allegations being made against her father. Did she really not have any other people in her life she needed to forgive in order to cleanse her spirit? Has she truly been mourning the end of her relationship with Conrad for this long?

We’re not sure what would be worse for Montag: harboring that much resentment for someone for so many years or faking a resentment for someone to stay in the spotlight.

If Montag’s display of emotion is, in fact, genuine, we don’t believe for a second that she got any closure from this counseling exercise. True closure comes when you take responsibility for your own actions and stop reacting to the past. Something tells us Montag isn’t anywhere close to being over it.

The saddest part about Montag’s situation? The one person who could give her the best advice about living her life to the fullest and being happy is the one person who isn’t available to give it to her. Conrad moved on a long time ago.

Watch Montag forgive Conrad below.

Image: WEtv/YouTube


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