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Chris Soules, Chris Harrison give telling interview about the next Bachelorette

Before the “Women Tell All” next Monday, Chris Harrison and Chris Soules are dishing on all the details of Season 19, including their picks for who should be the next Bachelorette.

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“I think Britt hit it out of the park,” Harrison revealed during an interview with E! Online. “I always felt she was sincere. I felt like there was jealousy and some insecurities that attacked her. And I get what people were saying to a certain degree, but I think she was sincere. I think she’s a genuine person.

“I believe her. I truly do,” Harrison continued. “I was proud of her.”

Harrison added that this season was so good because “everybody really let it go” and articulated their emotions. He also pointed to Jade and Kaitlyn as prime examples of being open.

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As for who will become the next Bachelorette, Harrison said the show is “always scouting. We’re always casting a wide net to see who it’s going to be. History dictates and usually tells us someone comes from the past season. Obviously, these women are all, essentially, candidates, I guess. There’s a massive debate going on behind the scenes.”

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“I think that, right now, my personal opinion would be Kaitlyn,” Soules revealed of his pick for the next Bachelorette in the same interview with E!. “I think she’s got the right type of energy. She’s funny and she can be entertaining and she’s beautiful. And she’s at a point in her life that she’s really serious about finding love. I think that’s important. When you’re on this, you don’t want someone there that’s there to gain more notoriety. You want someone that’s really sincere.”

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Soules said that some of the contestants may not be sincere, but “you better make sure that the person that’s standing at the podium handing out the roses is 100 percent sincere and Kaitlyn is.”

Both Kaitlyn and Britt said they would be more than willing to return to the show as the next Bachelorette.

Check out the full interview over at E! Online.

Do you think Kaitlyn should be the next Bachelorette?

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