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Teen Mom‘s Amber Portwood reveals shocking details about drug addiction

It is no secret that Teen Mom star Amber Portwood has had a troubled past, but the mom of one has just made some shocking revelations about her past drug addiction.

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According to Radar Online, Portwood opened up about her addiction to opiates on her recent Getting to Know You special on MTV, saying that she was high during most of the filming of Teen Mom. She also went on to explain that it all started after she was prescribed Klonopin, which was meant to help with her post-birth anxiety.

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You could tell something was up — I was out of it a little bit,” Amber revealed during the show. “They told me I had scoliosis but I never went and got it checked out like I was supposed to. But I still got prescribed opiates for it. And that’s when it just spun out of control. [In]Teen Mom you see how everything changes. You can just tell.”

And it was a very slippery slope that Portwood was on.

“I would stay up all day and all night taking drugs 24 hours, and then I would get so high that I’d forget that I took pills, and I’d take more. A whole script would be gone in less than a week. That’s 180 opiates,” Portwood admitted.

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Portwood eventually made the decision to head to jail, where she served 17 months of a five-year jail term. And while she is in a much better place in her life right now, and is believed to have a new man in her life, Matthew Baier, she does admit that she finds it hard watching Teen Mom and seeing her past struggles.

“I can just see myself completely going downhill,” she said during the special, according to Wetpaint. “I can’t watch Teen Mom ’cause I’m high the whole time. It wasn’t happy moments of my life at all. It’s like an alcoholic watching back in the day when they’re drunk,” she explained.

Portwood also took to Twitter to comment about her special, telling fans that they should have open minds and open hearts when watching it.

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