The Walking Dead's sweet gay kiss spawns ignorant Twitter hate

Feb 24, 2015 at 1:31 p.m. ET
Image: AMC

When will a gay kiss stop seeming like an anomaly and start warranting the same lack of reaction we see from a straight kiss? If you were hoping those times were here, The Walking Dead fans just proved you wrong.

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I hate everyone right now. There is a fire in my belly that all the love, rainbows and patchouli in the world couldn't extinguish. Why? Because there's an ignorance in the world that no amount of love, books and broken hearts seems to be able to fix. In the words of every teenage girl on Tumblr ever: I can't even.

During the most recent episode of The Walking Dead, fans met a brand-new character: Aaron's partner, Eric. What followed online wasn't pretty. Aaron and Eric aren't the first homosexual characters on the show, but they're the first gay men. Tara, a lesbian, has been on the show since Season 4. Yet for whatever reason, it was Aaron and Eric's kiss that sent TWD fans en masse to Twitter to fume over the gay kiss. And just in case it's not blatantly obvious: A "gay kiss" is just like a regular kiss... except it's with two dudes instead of a girl and a guy. Oh the outrage!


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Conservative and homophobic viewers were steaming mad. From whines of being violated to outright nasty homophobic slurs, last night's Walking Dead hashtags were all filled with hate, angst and a complete lack of humanity. The most ignorant tweet was quickly removed, though we found it attached to one beautifully sarcastic reply.


Valid point, oh sarcastic soul mate! The kiss went too far on the sin scale, but murder, cannibalism and homicidal children are fine? It's a sad day for America/Earth when the love between two humans is more stomach-turning than murder.

Of course, most of the internet is missing another very hypocritical part of this rant. No one seemed to notice at all when Tara and Alisha were an item. So, two girls is somehow less gross or sinful than two men? Obviously, the whole thing is complete and utter bullshit. However, if you're going to get on your holier-than-thou high horses, how about if you do it in both instances? You know, instead of ignoring the all-female version that not-so-secretly gets your rocks off and, thus, deems it OK in your eyes. Sexist shenanigans at their finest.

Last night's kiss was absolutely sweet and beautiful. I have so much love for The Walking Dead showrunners. To the ignorant haters who overran Twitter last night, though: check your priorities. Don't preach against the "sin of homosexuality" while overlooking the murder that happens week after week.

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