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Sesame Street‘s House of Cards parody will blow right over your kids’ heads (VIDEO)

House of Cards isn’t a show for kids.

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But that doesn’t mean an actual show for kids — Sesame Street — can’t borrow a little from House of Cards for a parody that will have kids learning and parents laughing.

That’s exactly what the iconic kids’ show did. In a parody mash-up of House of Cards and “The Three Little Pigs,” kids are introduced to Frank Underwolf, a ruthless wolf determined to get into the “house of bricks.” There’s just one problem, he confides to the camera in a Southern-tinged voice reminiscent of Kevin Spacey’s Frank Underwood: There are two houses in the way. In order to get to the “house of bricks,” Underwolf will have to go through the “house of straw” and the “house of sticks,” as well as the pigs inside them.

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The parody video is full of references to the Netflix original series that will have parents absolutely rolling, as well as what may be the best political/”Three Little Pigs” pun the internet has ever seen.

“Are you saying there’s too much pork in this town?” Underwolf asks the first pig before taking a deep breath and blowing down the house of straw. “I could not agree more.”

The video has a number of other touches that House of Cards fans will appreciate, like Underwolf’s desperate desire to take over the White (brick) House, and a parody of the onscreen text messages that happen so often in the show. It also brilliantly pokes fun at Frank Underwood’s famous, fourth-wall-breaking monologues delivered directly into the camera — at one point, Underwolf stops to speak into the camera and one of the pigs asks, “Who are you talking to?”

Possibly the best part of the video, though? While parents are laughing at all the clever references to a show they love to watch, the kids are learning — “House of Bricks” has a math lesson built in. As Underwolf blows down each house, the subtraction is shown on the screen, until three minus three equals no houses left. Brilliant.

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Check out the full “House of Bricks” video below and then head to the comments and tell us your favorite part of this parody.

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