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Julie Andrews is down for a Fifty Shades of Grey-style spanking (VIDEO)

Just because Julie Andrews hasn’t seen Fifty Shades of Grey yet, doesn’t mean the actress isn’t down for something unexpectedly scandalous.

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Apparently, Andrews has a naughty side and we love it!

During an interview with Kelly Ripa for Live! with Kelly and Michael‘s annual after-Oscars special, the host asked Andrews if she’d seen Fifty Shades of Grey.

Andrews admitted she hadn’t, but that didn’t stop Ripa from explaining, “This is Gelman’s tribute to the movie,” the host said, gesturing to a room. “This is the Red Room. We made a Red Room back here… we’re not gonna spank anybody here,” she continued, thinking she was reassuring Andrews since the Red Room of Pain is notorious for some spicy lovemaking, including with some floggers, blindfolds and bed ties.

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But Andrews — as in poised, eloquent, British actress extraordinaire Julie Andrews — was ready with a spicy response of her own, “Oh, well, I’d like it if you would.”

And our lives are complete.

You’re welcome.

Andrews was at the Oscars for a surprise visit following Lady Gaga’s 50th anniversary tribute to The Sound of Music, which Andrews starred in.

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Following Gaga’s performance, Andrews walked on stage and hugged Gaga, saying, “Dear Lady Gaga, thank you for the wonderful tribute. It really warmed my heart. It’s hard to believe that 50 years have gone by since that joyous film was released. I blinked and then suddenly here I am. I think that I do speak for everyone connected with the movie when I say we all really felt blessed to have been a part of it. And as for me, well, how lucky can a girl get?”

You can watch Andrews’ cheeky answer over at E! Online.

Are you surprised Andrews has a wild side?

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